Factors to Consider When Deciding Where to Buy Wooden Shipping Pallets and Crates in Brisbane




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If you sell products from your location in Brisbane to multiple Australian states or even overseas, you’ll likely require packaging materials such as wooden pallets and crates. However, before you purchase pallets and crates, you should choose a supplier carefully because if they fail to deliver your products on time, you may miss your deadlines, which can damage your reputation and ultimately affect your bottom line. You may also need to decide which type of pallets to purchase, and we’d highly recommend pine over hardwood alternatives.

Pine is a sustainable material that’s more environmentally friendly to harvest than hardwoods such as oak, walnut, and maple. Plus, because of its white appearance, pine is generally considered more attractive than most alternatives. Even though pine is a softwood, it’s durability and strength make it suitable for transporting many types of products, from windows and doors to furniture and paper. Provided you choose a trusted supplier of pine wooden pallets and crates, you can feel confident they’ll stand the test of time.

At Seapal Pallets & Crates, we’re one of Brisbane’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of crates and wooden pallets. We’ve earned a reputation for being reliable since our inception in 1962 because we control every aspect of the supply chain, from the sourcing of materials to delivery, ensuring we never miss deadlines. Plus, because we source pine from reputable harvesters, we never have a shortage of the pallets you need to transport your goods from A to B. Keep reading below for some top tips on finding a trustworthy supplier, and you’ll soon see why we’re the obvious choice for so many businesses in Brisbane.

How to Choose the Best Provider of Wooden Shipping Pallets

Keep the following tips in mind, and you can be sure that your pallet manufacturer will prove to be a valuable logistics partner:

  • Find an environmentally friendly supplier of wooden pallets in Brisbane
    All businesses must minimise their carbon footprint wherever possible, which is why sustainably grown pine is becoming an increasingly sought-after pallet and crate material.
  • Buy wooden pallets from a Brisbane provider that guarantees availability
    You can’t afford to partner with a pallet supplier that will cause you to miss deadlines, so make sure you choose a company that can always cater to any quantity requirement.
  • Choose a manufacturer that controls the supply chain
    The best way to ensure your pallets always arrive on time, regardless of how many you need, is to find a provider that sources materials, manufactures its solutions in-house and controls its own delivery department.
  • Ensure your wooden shipping pallets can be delivered on time, every time
    You should choose a supplier that can deliver your pallets whenever they’re required. Call us to learn more about our guaranteed scheduled deliveries.

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For high-value prices, exceptional product quality, punctual service, and unrivalled customer care, look no further than Seapal Pallets & Crates. Contact us on 07 5497 1400 to find out why so many businesses across Australia highly recommend us for wooden shipping pallets and crates in Brisbane.