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Locally ownded with over 50 years experience. We pride ourselves on our quality services and superior products.

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Heat treatment done to meet international standard ISPM 15. So our products can be shipped anywhere in the world,

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Pallets and crates are constructed on-site and delivered directly to your door by our own drivers.

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When you ship your precious product overseas, you want to have the peace of mind that it is securely packaged. Get export pallets for your Sunshine Coast business delivered to you, made exactly to your specifications to protect your product while it travels. At Seapal Pallets & Crates we produce pallets of the highest quality that will be delivered to your door in the same condition as when they left the yard.

Top Quality Export Pallets

Top quality export pallets in the Brisbane area have never been easier to come by. Our company controls the whole supply chain from timber to transport, with our quality products made on site at our own timber mill, using Hoop Pine timber. This timber is known for its low number of knots and blemishes. It is the best wood to work with and being strong, has the capacity to hold your heavy load safely.

As we are an accredited provider for heat treatment, our export pallets are heat treated at our facilities, therefore complying with international standards and so they can be shipped overseas. Pallets and crates can grow significant amounts of mould when exposed to hot and humid conditions, such as those in shipping containers. The product on the pallet then becomes at risk of damage. For this reason, we have invested in a proprietary system to inhibit the growth mould. Our system is extremely successful and we undertake regular testing of our timber to monitor the effectiveness of our treatments against mould.

Our experienced workers control the quality and quantity of the timber milled, while accurately manufacturing pallets and crates to your specific sizing and job requirements. Our open communication with customers during the whole manufacturing process ensures we complete the brief to your satisfaction.

Pallets Delivered to Your Door

If you need export pallets in Ipswich, our trucks will deliver them to your door. Our company uses our own expertly trained truck drivers to deliver pallets and crates right to where you need them. Using our own trucks means that we are reliable and can guarantee you get your pallets on time. Our drivers are experienced in transporting your pallets safely and securely, while preventing damage, so your pallets arrive in top condition.

We have a selection of stock pallets you can choose from, including our Pine Standard Export pallet, which can hold approximately one tonne and is suitable for forklift use. These pallets are designed to fit inside shipping containers and are heat treated to meet international shipping standards. Our stock pallets are made to the same high standard and quality as custom-made pallets, so whichever you choose you can be confident in the product.

For export pallets on the Gold Coast, or anywhere in Australia, we have the facilities to meet all of your needs. We are a locally owned and operated family business who bring pallet and crate solutions to the needs of all our clients, wherever they are in Australia. For custom built pallets, crates, or other timber products, contact us now and we will reliably deliver quality products from our timber mill to your door.