The Key Advantages to Using Pine over Hardwood Pallets in Brisbane or Townsville




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It is difficult to overstate the importance of a business’s ability to transport products safely and securely from the point of production to the final client destination. Many considerations go into crafting the logistics processes used by the business you represent; some of them are grand, “big picture” efforts that keep all the gears turning as they should, while others are more fundamental. One of those core considerations that requires some attention to detail is the pallet on which your business will pack products. A good pallet should offer several features: ease of use, durable construction, and a lifespan in line with your usage requirements.

Hardwood pallets have in some places been the product of choice; however, sustainability concerns and the development of better alternatives mean this is no longer the only option. At Seapal Pallets & Crates, we offer an excellent, sustainably sourced alternative to hardwood pallets in Brisbane. With our sources of high-quality Hoop Pine and supply, production, and transport chains all exclusively controlled in-house, we can deliver an exceptional custom product to suit any client’s individual product transport needs. First, though, take a moment to consider the advantages of relying on our products; what sets Hoop Pine apart from the more traditional hardwood?

Shifting away from hardwood has benefits

The quality of the wood itself is the first difference. Grown with care, these trees naturally have fewer interior blemishes or structurally compromising knots. This allows our on-site timber mill to put out high-quality boards suitable for crating and pallets of all shapes and sizes. A rigorous quality control team carefully selects trees for milling while also inspecting the finished boards.

The methods we use to create pallets after the milling process are also a point of differentiation. After determining precise dimensions with a client, our production teams quickly build to specification. Heat treatments and mould inhibitors are available to improve the presentation and increase the longevity of your pallets, providing a choice similar to hardwood pallets for Townsville businesses.

Upon completion, Seapal Pallets & Crates can handle shipment direct to your factory or another business location. With our own transport fleet including qualified and experienced drivers, you can trust that your pallets will arrive in the precise condition they were when they departed our facility. Understanding the importance of timely deliveries, we factor your deadlines into our production efforts.

Explore solutions with Seapal today

The benefits start within the tree itself and persist well into the future. With pallets that remain free from mould for at least three months after delivery, our products help you protect the investments made by both you and your customers. None of our pallets come “off the shelf” — we fabricate everything to order based on the dimensions and specifications demanded by your products and shipping methods. We encourage you to contact us online or by phone on 07 5497 1400 with details about the solutions you require; free quotes are available.