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Locally ownded with over 50 years experience. We pride ourselves on our quality services and superior products.

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Heat treatment done to meet international standard ISPM 15. So our products can be shipped anywhere in the world,

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Pallets and crates are constructed on-site and delivered directly to your door by our own drivers.

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Whether you manufacture bobby pins, Halloween candy cauldrons, valuable china teacups, live plants, trampolines, M4 Sherman tank parts, cherry tomatoes or frozen dinners, it doesn’t matter to us. Small crates, big crates and anything in-between; you name it, we produce it.

We want to make the packaging and transportation process as convenient as possible for you. This provides us with the guidelines for the manufacturing process of our delivery crates. We mean it when we say that our motto and philosophy are: “We exist to serve by delivering solutions.” We offer a plethora of solutions, precisely matched to your needs. Together we lay the foundation for your highly-efficient packaging.

What you can expect when you order crates at Seapal Pallets & Crates

Seapal is a locally-owned and -operated family business. We deliver only top-quality crates to Brisbane, tailored to your exact needs. Order your crates at Seapal Pallets & Crates, and you can expect prompt and personal service.

  • The material for our crates is local sustainable Hoop Pine, certified to AS4707 for Chain of Custody. Pinewood is ethical and has both a lighter weight and lighter price than hardwood which is becoming difficult to source. Because there are not so many knots and blemishes in Hoop Pine, milling it results in a material that is strong and easy to use. You can trust the bearing capacity of Hoop Pine to be at least as high as hardwood, if not superior.
  • Do you want to export your goods? The timber for our crates is treated so that it complies with the ISPM 15 Standard which is demanded by most countries in Europe and the USA. Not only do we protect our crates against mould and insects, but the wood’s dryness also decreases the chance of metal corrosion. We test our products and treatment techniques regularly and fine-tune the process if this increases the protection’s effectiveness.
  • Our company is based in Kilcoy, less than 100 km away from Brisbane. As soon as your crates are ready, our transportation brings them immediately to your door. There’s no such thing as too late or too early. Can we only deliver your crates at a specific time? Let us know.
  • No order is too big or complicated for us. We have invested in the necessary machines to produce high volumes. We owe this to ourselves, given our reputation which is not only excellent in Queensland, but in all the other states well.
  • Continually striving to offer the best, we stay informed, keeping an eye open for any news about state-of-the-art machines, equipment, material, and production processes.

Do not hesitate to contact us

Do you have questions, do you need advice? We offer you more than fifty years of experience. Call us at 07 5497 1400 or send an email to We almost always answer any enquiry within 24 hours. Our quotes are free.