What to Consider When Choosing Suppliers and Manufacturers of Pallets in Brisbane




Locally ownded with over 50 years experience. We pride ourselves on our quality services and superior products.

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Heat treatment done to meet international standard ISPM 15. So our products can be shipped anywhere in the world,

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Pallets and crates are constructed on-site and delivered directly to your door by our own drivers.

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Sometimes, success in an endeavour comes down to the small details. When you’ve accomplished all the hard work — that is, actually completing production on a big client order or a new product run — all that’s left is to see the goods safely to the consumer. In many cases, the easiest way to do so is to pack them onto pallets in Brisbane and dispatch them directly. If you plan to fill shipping containers with products for export, sturdy pallets become an absolute necessity. While these wooden items can be seen as a fundamental requirement, the choices you make in this arena matter; after all, they are a part of the cost of production.

How should you go about selecting pallet manufacturers in Brisbane? Look for a partner willing and able to listen and take your product requirements into account. Moreover, look for suppliers that can provide a direct connection from the point of pallet production to your business. At Seapal Pallets & Crates, this is the type of service we deliver to our customers every day. We provide clients with a higher level of service and quality that translates into better protection, better presentation, and a better investment. The proof, however, is in the process our family-owned and operated business uses and the results it produces. With a track record going back more than 55 years, this is quality backed by confidence.

The Seapal difference

We start by working to understand what you require from your pallet manufacturers. For example, what are your product dimensions? How much do you expect a fully stacked pallet of product to weigh? Do you require forklift usability? Our team can go over these questions with you in-depth; however, if you already know precise dimensions, simply furnish us with information about the solutions needed and we will begin immediately to manufacture and prepare your order. We exclusively use lightweight and durable Hoop Pine, which continues to look and perform with excellence even after months of usage. For pallets that will see use and reuse, especially in warehouse settings, this durability is a distinct advantage. Exploring further information about our pallets and crates and their fundamental differences is easy.

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Our goal as your pallet suppliers in Brisbane is to offer the ability to source pallets for your shipping requirements no matter when you require them. With fast turnaround times and the ability to procure timber for production even when others cannot, Seapal Pallets & Crates offers a highly dependable option. When you never have to question the availability of the fundamental requirements for your logistics processes, you can focus that energy and attention on other important aspects of the business. To explore the value, we can offer as your manufacturers, consider the level of pallet customisation we can deliver. For free quotes or for those who have questions about what we do, please call us on 07 5497 1400 or (use our online contact form).