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Locally ownded with over 50 years experience. We pride ourselves on our quality services and superior products.

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Heat treatment done to meet international standard ISPM 15. So our products can be shipped anywhere in the world,

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Pallets and crates are constructed on-site and delivered directly to your door by our own drivers.

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When the time comes to dispatch finished products to your customers, how you choose to package and ship them matters. If damage occurs during transport, for example, which leads to a loss of product, clients can be unhappy about not receiving all they pledged to purchase. For that reason, the pallets a Townsville business chooses to use are important; partnering with a supplier that can meet your exacting specifications is just as critical. Not all pallets are built alike; some are meant for heavier duty use, while others are best suited for lighter loads. You may even have specific dimensional requirements based on product size and order quantities.

How do you find a partner that understands how to manufacture all the pallets for use in Darwin you’ll need? At Seapal Pallets & Crates, you do not have to look far. As a family-owned business, we take personal pride in the quality of our products, and we have gone to great lengths to create a process that outputs top quality products that are a cut above the rest. From the initial timber harvest to the final heat treatments and shipment to your location, our focus on quality results remains at the centre of our operations. For more information, consider the process we use to produce pallets for Toowoomba customers from start to finish.

How we approach crafting pallets for Cairns businesses

We source only the best Hoop Pine for all the products we create, employing a high level of quality control at each stage of the milling process. No timber that cannot meet our standards ends up in a finished product. With the materials in place, we stand ready to accept an order, for example for a large number of pallets due in Ipswich, based on your standards. We look for answers to important questions, such as whether your pallets will go into a racking system, or how much weight they must support, before finalising the design we will use for your order. Once we’ve identified the ideal custom solutions together, our team moves quickly to begin production. At this time, we can apply additional treatments as needed. For example, pallets destined for export can receive a powerful mould inhibitor, protecting products during their long journey overseas.

Direct delivery straight to your operations

At Seapal Pallets & Crates, reliability to our clients is just as important to us as the quality of our pallets. Whether you’re in Cairns, Darwin, Toowoomba or elsewhere, we can deliver your order promptly and safely. How? We use no outside contractors to ship our pallets; we own and operate our own transport company, too. With total control over the product from start to finish, we aim to establish confidence in our clients while developing long-term relationships based on the stability of our solutions. Learn more about our custom design options to see what we can achieve together. Ready to make a connection? Please contact us at your convenience.