Heat-Treated Pallets and Crates Available to Brisbane for International Shipping




Locally ownded with over 50 years experience. We pride ourselves on our quality services and superior products.

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Heat treatment done to meet international standard ISPM 15. So our products can be shipped anywhere in the world,

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Pallets and crates are constructed on-site and delivered directly to your door by our own drivers.

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What’s worse than taking the time to make sure a big shipment goes out on time only to hear back from the customer that the items were damaged or impacted by mould that grew during transport? While you don’t have control of the actual shipping process, you can ensure that your product reaches its destination looking as stunning as it did when it left your warehouse with customised shipping crates for your Brisbane enterprise. Seapal Pallets & Crates has spent decades perfecting shipping crates and pallets earning ourselves the coveted Quality Assured Company certification.

Order Custom Pallets and Shipping Crates for Brisbane Delivery

The shipping crate and pallet industry has undergone significant changes in recent years. Getting away from the pallet hire standards of yesteryear, we craft made-to-order shipping pallets and crates. This is because pallet hire is not economical for companies over time and the quality of pallets cannot be maintained or guaranteed. Rather than traditional hardwood pallets, we work with Hoop Pine. Lighter, sustainable, comparable weight capacity and fewer knots have made pine the leading source material in the shipping pallet industry worldwide.

We’ve established an exceptional reputation crafting shipping crates that fit anything and can be shipped anywhere. Instead of standard-sizing, our custom pallets provide a snug fit for secure and uniform transport.

Our shipping crates proudly display your Brisbane product without leaving it vulnerable to transport damage. Instead of immediate frustration, disappointment, and potential customer loss, your recipient is greeted with their order in pristine condition. The favourable impression sticks with the client, and they’ll come back to you the next time they need a similar product.

Particularly beneficial for international shipping, pallets that undergo our proprietary heat treatment are protected from mould and rot for up to three months. Metal shipping containers are susceptible to heat and moisture which are ideal conditions for mould growth. Not only is mildew unsightly, but it can also damage your product and present a health hazard. Our exclusive white coating seals the wood making it resistant to damage and deterioration.

Partner with the Well-Oiled Machine at Seapal Pallets & Crates

Seapal Pallets & Crates deliver where and when competitors cannot. Initially established in 1962 as Seaman Pallet Company, we rebranded in 1991. Committed to maintaining the industry-recognised quality we’re known for; we continue to be an industry leader in product shipping solutions.

Our pallet-manufacturing complex includes a timber mill, pallet and crate factory, heat treatment facility, and a fleet of pallet and crate delivery trucks. We have the space, materials, equipment, and staffing to accommodate bulk orders. Talk to our staff about your shipping crate and pallet needs, and we’ll get started straight away.

We achieve ultimate reliability by controlling every aspect of the supply chain. We never have to rely on 3rd-party vendors to make or dispatch shipping crates to Brisbane. This lets us run a tight and timely ship. Our fleet regularly delivers to QLD, NSW, and Vic with special delivery times and locations arranged upon request. Get started today to protect your asset throughout the product shipping process.