Why the Transport Crates and Pallets You Buy Matter: A Guide to Safe Storage During Transportation




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Crates and pallets provide valuable storage and security for your goods as you move them from one place to another, so it’s vital that you invest in high-quality options. Purchasing a crate made from the least expensive materials you can find sounds as if it’s an effective way to cut costs, but only until one or more of your crates breaks during a journey. In the long run, it’s far more cost-effective to invest in crates and pallets made from durable and resilient timbers so that you can count on your items being shipped without incident. If you are about to buy transport pallets or transportation crates for your goods, be sure to consider the following factors:

  1. Where does the timber come from? The strength of a piece of timber will depend in part on where that timber comes from, so make sure you ask any company from which you are considering buying crates or pallets. Ideally, your chosen company should offellr crates and pallets made from fresh timber that is milled on-site, instead of timber that has been recycled or recombined from other sources where the quality is harder to verify.
  2. What kind of treatment do finished crates and pallets receive? The source from which the timber comes is only one part of the equation (albeit an important one). It is also vital to ensure that crates and pallets have been treated in such a way that they are resilient to environmental factors they’ll be likely to face while they travel between locations. Heat treatment should be considered a must for export crates or pallets.
  3. What variety of crate and pallet design does your source offer? Not all cargo is the same, so it stands to reason that you may need specific designs for the crates or pallets that are especially for your goods. Look for a company who offers custom crate and pallet designs so that you can ensure your cargo will fit snugly inside of the containers that protect them.

How Seapal Goes Above and Beyond for Businesses that Need Transport Crates and Pallets

Seapal Pallets & Crates can offer the support you need. We mill all of our own timber at our own facility so that we can oversee its quality at all times as we fashion it into crates and transport pallets in numerous designs. We also offer custom options for clients who have specific cargo needs, which makes us one of the most flexible and versatile organisations of our kind in Australia. Our heat-treated export crates are ideal for shipping goods long distance, while our standard pallets and transport crates make reliable solutions for those with more conventional shipping needs.

Let Us Handle Everything

Seapal Pallets & Crates does not rely on third-party contractors — we control as much of the process as possible so that you can always rely on us to provide quality products in a timely manner. Try our prompt, personalised service today: call us now and speak with a team member who can answer your questions in detail so that you can make an informed decision about how to purchase transportation crates or pallets for your goods.